Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions. We strive to make our website and processes as easy as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. We are ready to help and always have a solution for you!

  • Canvas prints

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    • How thick are the frames of your canvas prints?

      Our frames are always 3 cm thick, with the exception of our 2 smallest sizes: 20 x 20 cm and 20 x 30 cm. Due to their ratio they are 2 cm thick. We have chosen to use 3 cm thick frames because they are sturdy and give a good quality result. At the same time the chances of the frame warping is very small with a 3 cm thick frame. But most importantly, this looks great on your wall!

    • How do I clean my canvas print?

      With a damp cloth softly wipe your canvas print. Do not use a scouring pad, this can take off the ink. Read more

    • Can the canvas be used outside?

      Our inks are water based, which does not make the canvas suited for outside use. The wood and canvas will become saturated with moist and start to warp. If you want to hang the canvas outside, it will only remain pretty for one season. Read more

    • Can I add a text on the canvas?

      Yes, this is possible. You can use the comment field in the ordering system to indicate that you want text on the canvas and tell us your desired text, font and position on the canvas. We will send you an example by e-mail for approval.

    • Can I add a note to the parcel because it is a present?

      Yes, of course! In the comment box just tell us that you want us to add a note and write your personal message. We will then add the note to your parcel before it leaves our facility.

    • Does the canvas come with a hanging kit?

      Yes it does! We always supply every canvas print with a FREE hanging kit. Our patented hanging system was developed to be very easy to use. Click here for the canvas prints hanging instructions and here for some practical tips to hang your canvas as nicely as possible.

    • I have a complaint about my canvas print

      Do you have a complaint about your canvas print? Let us know and we will solve this quickly and correctly. Complaint do occur but we always offer you a solution. You can expect that from us! Read more on how to prevent most complaints.

  • CusttomShapes®

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    • My CusttomShapes® do not stick on my wall. What can I do?

      Our CusttomShapes® are suitable for sticking to any wall or surface, including plastered walls, wallpaper, coarse stucco, non-woven wallpaper, etc. On rare occasions, when using a scrub-resistant or removable paint, the tape may not stick properly. In this case, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can send you alternative tape for free, that works better with special surfaces.

    • What is the delivery time of CusttomShapes®?

      Our standard delivery time is 5 working days.

    • How much are the shipping costs?

      Our shipping costs are €4.95 per order.

    • Which material are CusttomShapes® made from?

      CusttomShapes® are panels measuring 18 x 18 cm and made of 5 mm thick Forex. Forex is a lightweight material made of foamed PVC. Extremely strong and perfect for printing your photos or images razor sharp. Our CusttomShapes® are scratch resistant and never discolour.

    • How thick are CusttomShapes®?

      CusttomShapes® are about 5 mm thick!

    • How big are CusttomShapes®?

      The square shape is 18 x 18 cm, the round is 18 cm in diameter and the hexagon is 18 x 21 cm.

    • How do I hang my CusttomShapes®?

      Sticking your CusttomShapes® to the wall is super easy. You first determine where you want to place your first CusttomShape®. Make sure the surface is free of dust and grease. Next, remove the paper from the sticker and press the CusttomShape® firmly. Is your CusttomShape® not completely straight? No problem! Thanks to the magnetic hanging kit, you can easily adjust the shape until it hangs straight.

    • Can I change my CusttomShapes® easily?

      Yes, thanks to the smart magnetic hanging kit, you can easily move and change your CusttomShapes® whenever you want.

    • Can I remove my CusttomShapes® damage-free?

      In many cases you can remove the tape damage-free. This should be done with attention and care. Grasp the steel plate with a tea towel and make a circular motion until the plate comes off. You can remove leftover tape with a rolling movement. Whether the tape can be removed without damage depends on the quality of the paint and the wall material. HelloCanvas is never liable for any damage to the wall.

    • How do I clean my CusttomShapes®?

      You can easily clean the CusttomShapes® with a soft and slightly damp cloth.

    • Are CusttomShapes® suitable for hanging outside?

      CusttomShapes® can be easily hung outside. Please note that CusttomShapes® can wear out faster due to the influence of the weather.

  • HD Metal

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    • What is HD Metal?

      HD Metal is a thin aluminium plate with a high quality coating on which your photo is applied with a special technique. The result is phenomenal: razor-sharp, vibrant colours, high gloss and ultra strong! It is scratch- and water-resistent, so it is perfect for outdoor use. HD Metal is suitable for various usages, for example as a painting or as a sign. HD Metal is the most beautiful thing we have ever seen!

    • How do I clean HD Metal?

      Because HD Metal is scratch- and water resistant, you can clean it easily. You can use the same cleaning products as you do for cleaning your windows.

    • Can you hang HD Metal outside?

      Yes you can! HD Metal is perfect for outdoor usage. HD Metal is water- and scratch-resistand, this allows it to hang outside for years!

    • Is HD Metal supplied with a hanging system?

      Yes it is! We mount the hanging system onto the print for you. Our patented hanging system is specially developed to make it easy for you to hang your print up on the wall.

    • Can I add text to HD Metal?

      Yes it is possible. You cannot add this yourself, we here at HelloCanvas will add this to your photo for you. Please fill in the comment box your desired text and where it needs to be placed on the print. We will send you a preview by e-mail for your approval.

  • Framed prints

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    • What is a passepartout?

      A passepartout is a thick cardboard with a cutout, which is placed between the acrylic sheet and your photo in the picture frame. The passepartout (which is also acid-free to never discolour your photo) enhances the visual appeal of your photo.

    • Why do you use plexiglas to protect my framed print?

      During transportation of your framed print, real glas would be too fragile. This is why we decided to use plexiglas which was specially designed for framed prints. It has the same appearance as glass but is much safer.

    • Is there a hanging kit supplied with the framed prints?

      Yes! We always deliver a FREE hanging kit with all our products. With the framed prints you can buy our special adhesive strips for only €3.50 extra. With these strips you can stick the photo frame quickly and easily to the right place on the wall without having to fit, measure and drill! The strips can also be removed again without damage. Very convenient, right?

    • Can I switch out the photo in the photo frame?

      No, unfortunately, this is not possible. The photo print is fixed and cannot be exchanged.

    • How many photo frame colours can I choose from?

      Our photo frames are available in different colours. Which photo frame matches your interior?

    • Is my photo already in the photo frame?

      Yes, it is. We supply the photo frame with the photo already in it. No more searching for the matching photo to your picture frame!

    • What can I expect of the photo print?

      We print your photo on high-quality professional photo paper. This way, we achieve the perfect result and your framed print becomes a true work of art!

  • Aluminium prints

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    • What is Dibond?

      Dibond consists of two thin layers of aluminium with a layer of plastic in between. This makes Dibond ultra strong and indestructible. We supply Dibond in 3 variants: white matt, brushed aluminium and gold.

    • How thick is Dibond?

      Dibond plates are 5 mm thick.

    • How do I clean my photo on aluminium?

      Your photo on aluminium can be cleaned with a soft or slightly damp cloth.

    • Is an aluminium photo suitable for outdoor use?

      Yes! Our photos on aluminium are ideal for outdoor use. The material (Dibond) is ultra strong and indestructible.

    • Is a hanging kit included with my photo on aluminium?

      Of course, we always provide a free hanging system for all products.

  • Forex foam board prints

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    • What is Forex?

      Forex is a lightweight, white PVC foamboard. Due to the stiffness and the enormous strength, Forex, in combination with the low price, often makes the perfect product for presentations and point-of-sale material. But photo on Forex foam board also fits very in any interior. Our Forex board is of a very high quality and 5 mm thick.

    • How do I clean my photo on Forex?

      Your photo on Forex can be cleaned with a soft or slightly damped cloth. Because Forex may be statically charged, we recommend removing fluff and the like with a feather duster.

    • Is a picture on Forex suitable for hanging outside?

      Forex is suitable for hanging outside and will last about 2 to 3 seasons. Please be aware that Forex is very lightweight and therefore must be properly secured.

    • Will there be a hanging system with my photo on Forex?

      Of course. We always supply a FREE hanging system for all our products!

    • Can I add a text to my photo on Forex?

      Yes, that is no problem at all. In the comments box in the ordering system you can indicate that you want a text on the Forex. You can also enter the desired text, font and location on the Forex and we will send you a preview before processing our print.

    • How thick is Forex?

      Our Forex boards are 5 mm thick.

  • CusttomLamp®

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    • What material is the CusttomLamp® made of?

      Our CusttomLamp® is made of polypropylene sheets. This plastic material is printed on and cut to size. These sheets are formed into a cylinder and are held together with a certain type of plastic push-buttons. The light fitting is mounted in this cylinder. The lamp cord has an in line cord switch to turn the light on and off.

    • Is there a light bulb (light source) supplied with the CusttomLamp®?

      The CusttomLamp® is not supplied with a light bulb.

    • Which type of light bulb and how many watts is best suitable for the CusttomLamp®?

      The CusttomLamp® must be fitted with a LED light with a maximum of 7 Watts.

    • How will the CusttomLamp® be delivered?

      The CusttomLamp® will be delivered in separate components. You can assemble the parts into a lamp in a few easy steps. The instructions for the assembly can be found here. If anything is unclear, feel free to contact us. We will help you with great pleasure.

  • Photo on wood

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    • What type of wood are you using?

      For our photos on wood we use high-quality pine wood from sustainable sources.

    • Can the photo on wood be used outside?

      Yes, a photo on wood can be hung outside, for example on the porch, as long as you make sure to protect it from direct weather influences.

    • Does the wood print come with a hanging kit?

      Yes, of course! We always send you a FREE hanging kit with our products. The hanging systems for photo on wood are easy to use!

    • Is the wood grain visible through my photo?

      Yes, indeed. This makes the photo on wood so special and its true charm is the natural but rustic look!

  • Plastic posters

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    • On which material is my poster printed?

      Our posters are made from a thin polypropylene foil. This is a durable plastic that gives the posters some great features. They are water-repellent, non-cracking, scratch-resistant, indestructible and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. And all this for very low prices!

    • Can I hang my poster outside?

      Yes, our posters are water-repellent, non-cracking, scratch-resistant, indestructible and thus very suitable for outdoor use.

    • How do I hang my poster?

      Our posters are always delivered with a FREE set of stickers. For €3 extra, an extra set is supplied with various decorative hanging clips, ranging from various hip clips to pegs. There is then an appropriate hanging solution for every situation!

  • Collage tool

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    • How do I create a collage?

      We have made ordering a photo collage as easy as possible for you. In our photo collage maker, you can choose the desired product, size and design. Unleash your creativity and edit your picture collage by rotating your images and zooming in or out. Keep experimenting until you are entirely satisfied with your design! You decide what your ideal collage will look like. Finish your creation by choosing a colour for the borders. Do you have a specific colour code you would like to use? No problem at all! Use the colour picker to select your own unique colour!

    • The collage tool is not working well, why is that?

      It could be a number of things, e.g. your photos are too large for our system. Please ensure that your photos are about 1 MB. This is sufficient for a perfect result. It could also be that a cookie is blocking our tool. Please clear your browsing data and the tool should work without a hitch. If it still is not working, we would advise you to install Google Chrome and use this browser for creating your collage.

  • Floating frames

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    • What is a floating frame and what does it look like?

      A floating frame is a wooden frame that goes around the canvas print. It is like hanging your photo in a picture frame. This gives your canvas print a more exclusive look. Highly recommended! You can choose from 3 colours: black, white and bare wood. For HD Metal there are no floating frames available at the moment.

    • Can I buy a floating frame on its own?

      Unfortunately this is not possible. Our floating frames are not sturdy enough to be shipped on their own and they have been created especially for our canvas prints.

    • How deep are the floating frames?

      Our floating frames are 4 cm deep, making them very sturdy and of great quality.

  • Gift vouchers

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    • How do I buy a gift voucher?

      Select a gift voucher in the ordering system, various fixed amounts are possible. We will create your gift voucher manually, with any personal message you would like. Then we send it to you as a PDF by e-mail. You can either forward it on to the recipient or print it out to give.

    • How can I redeem my gift voucher?

      If you have received a gift voucher from us, you can use it at the end of our ordering process just before proceeding to payment. Enter the code in the coupon code box and click update. The amount will be automatically adjusted.

    • I have a gift voucher but want to pay extra to receive a larger size. Is this possible?

      Yes, of course. You can place the order and select the desired size. Enter the gift voucher code in the "coupon code" box before proceeding to payment. The value will be deducted from the total amount.

    • I have a gift voucher for a large canvas size but I want to order multiple smaller sizes, is this possible?

      Yes, this is no problem at all. Your gift voucher represents a certain value. It does not matter how you divide this across various prints. Order the prints you want and at the end of the ordering process, right before proceeding to payment, enter the code in the coupon code box. Click update and the gift voucher value will be deducted.

    • Can I use multiple gift vouchers or discounts codes for one order?

      Sadly, this is not possible in our ordering system. You can only enter 1 code at a time. If you want to use 2 gift vouchers, you can place 2 orders. If you want to combine 2 gift vouchers for one large canvas, please contact us. We will arrange this for you!

  • Cropping- and ordering system

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    • How do I order one of the products?

      It's really simple! Go to our "order" page and upload your digital photo. You can then choose the cropping you want. Follow the steps to enter your details and complete the payment. Your product will be delivered within 5 working days. Easy, right? If you have any questions about the process, you can always contact us. We are happy to help you!

    • How do I select a cropping for my canvas print? How does the cropping system work?

      Our canvases are either 2 cm or 3 cm thick. We have chosen these thicknesses because they are sturdy and it gives great quality. It also keeps the canvas hanging straight against the wall. Parts of the photo will wrap around the sides of the canvas and that can cause essential parts of the photo to end up on the sides. If this does not give the desired result there are 3 other wrapping options to choose from:

      • Stretched sides. Select this option to have only a small part of the photo stretched over the sides. Almost everything else will fit on the front of the canvas print.
      • Mirrored sides. The system will copy the sides of your photo and mirror them onto the sides of the canvas.
      • Coloured sides. The image stays on the front of the canvas and you can select a colour for the sides.

      If you are having trouble with finding the correct cropping, you can also choose to have HelloCanvas determine the cropping for you. We would be happy to do this for you. Please describe your preferences in the comment box.

    • The photo does not really fit on my canvas, what do I do now?

      If none of the wrapping options in the cropping system provide the correct result, you can choose to have us determine the cropping for you. We can often use special techniques to ensure that the photo fits well perfectly on the front. In the comment box please describe your preferences. If necessary, we can send you a preview for you to approve before processing your order.

    • How do I crop my photo on HD Metal? And how does the cropping system work?

      After you have uploaded the photo into the system you can choose your cropping. With HD Metal a small rim around the photo will be left out.

    • How do I crop my photo for a poster? And how does the cropping system work?

      After you have uploaded the photo into the system you can choose your cropping. With posters a small rim around the photo will be left out.

    • How do I crop my photo on wood? And how does the cropping system work?

      After uploading your photo you can determine the cropping. In comparison with a photo on canvas, only a very small border of your photo is lost. The preview shows what your photo on wood will look like.

    • How do I crop my photo on a framed print? And how does the cropping system work?

      After you have uploaded the photo into the system you can choose your cropping. Unlike canvas print, only a small rim around the photo will be left out whether or not you choose a passepartout.

    • How do I order an effect?

      We offer various effects that will make your photo even more beautiful! Most of our effect are handmade by one of our graphic designers for you. After you have chosen your cropping, you can choose an effect to add to your photo. When slecting our paid for effect you will always receive a preview via e-mail before processing your order, to give the go ahead. However we also offer various fun free filters. These filters will give your photo, e.g. a retro-look, more colour or a deeper black & white. You can add these filters when you are selecting your cropping for your photo.

    • Can I get one photo divided over multiple prints (triptych)?

      Yes, this is not a problem. Upload the desired photo and select the size you want it to be printed on. Indicate in the comment box that you would like to have the photo divided and printed on multiple frames. On the following page you can choose the quantity of frames you would like the image to be divided on. Before we process your order, we will send you a preview by e-mail for approval.

  • Digital photos

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    • What size should a digital photo be for a good result?

      Your digital photo is suitable for processing if it is at least 250 KB. However, the larger the photo, the better the result. It is wise to set your camera to the largest possible resolution. In doubt whether your photo is suitable for a good result? Just contact us. We are happy help you!

    • How can I see the file size of my photo on the computer?

      You can check the size yourself. Move the mouse over the photo and right mouse click on it. On Windows computers, you can see the size of the photo when selecting "properties". If you are using an Apple computer, choose "show info". You can see the size of the photo in KB or MB. 1 MB is 1000 KB. In doubt whether your photo is suitable for a good result? Just contact us, we would love to help you!

    • Which resolution (DPI) and which colour profile do you use for printing?

      Our printing profile is sRGB. The resolution amount really depends on the quality of the photo/image you suply us. If you would like more information about this, please e-mail us your photo. We will happily advise you further.

    • Can I e-mail my photo to you so that you can see if it is suitable for one of your products?

      Of course, this is no problem at all! We would love to give you advice. Never hesitate to contact us, we would love to help you. That's what we are here for!

    • What is the maximum size of a photo or a file that I can upload?

      The largest file you can upload is 40 MB. If your file is bigger, you can e-mail the photo using for example WeTransfer, a free file sharing website. Please mention your order number in the comment box when e-mailing us your photo.

    • Why is my photo too small? And what can I do about it?

      Original photos taken with a digital camera or a mobile phone can always be used for printing. For some reason, the quality of your photo has been decreased. Read our information here to figure out how to send us your picture with a suitable quality.

    • Can I use photos from a mobile phone or the Internet?

      The quality of photos made with mobile phones is increasing, but sometimes the file size is too small for a good result on canvas. This often has to do with the fact that the photo was sent or taken with WhatsApp. In that case, you can choose to make a collage. Our free collage tool is perfect for these kind of photos!

      Photos from the Internet can also be too small for a good result. You should first see how large these images are. Move your mouse over the photo and right mouse click on it. Using Windows, you can see the size of the photo under the option "properties". Or, on Apple computers, select "show info" . In doubt whether your photo is suitable for a good result? Just give us a call. We would love to help you!

    • Can I use other files than JPG/JPEG's? For example text files or a PDF?

      Yes, this possible! You can use all files types to upload into our ordering system. However our cropping system only enables you to crop with JPG/JPEG or PNG. In the case of using a different file type, you can use the comment field to tell us how to crop your photo. If necessary, we will send you a preview of your photo on the size you have ordered.

  • Prices and payment

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    • Why are your products so cheap?

      We are one of the largest suppliers for canvas prints and HD Metal in Ireland and the UK, therefore we can purchase our materials in high volumes. Because we are specialized in these products we can work with the latest technologies and have an ultra modern production facility to our disposal. That is why we can offer you the best quality at the lowest price.

    • How can I pay for my order?

      You can purchase your products with various payment methods; credit card, debit card and PayPal.

    • Can I pay securely on HelloCanvas?

      Of course! Our payment system is very secure and reliable. All payments are processed through a secure connection.

  • Shipping and delivery times

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    • What is the delivery time of your products?

      We will always deliver within 5 working days after we have received your payment!

    • How is my product packaged and shipped?

      We deliver a fragile product, therefore we package it carefully. We first wrap the product with protective foil and place it in a custom made shipping box. Sadly, it can happen that a product is damaged during transport. If this happens, please contact us. We will provided you with a suitable solution.

    • Which shipping service do you use?

      We use various shipping services dependent on the size of the parcel. The sizes 20 x 20 cm up to 60 x 90 cm are delivered by DPD. The sizes 60 x 90 cm and larger are delivered by UPS.

    • What happens if I am not home for the delivery?

      We will send you an e-mail with your track-and-trace number once your parcel has been scanned by the depot in Oldbury. This way you will know exactly when it will be delivered. If you are not home, you will receive a note from the courier to reschedule the delivery.

    • Can the product be delivered to a different address than my own?

      Yes, of course. You can enter a different delivery address in the ordering system, after you have entered the invoice address. This might be your office, a friend's or a family member's address.

    • Can I choose a delivery date and time?

      Sadly, this is not possible. We will send you an e-mail with your track-and-trace number when we ship out the parcel. That means you will know exactly when the parcel will be delivered.

    • Will I get a notification (track-and-trace link) when my order is dispatched?

      Yes, we will send you an e-mail with your track-and-trace number when we have dispatched your order. After clicking on the link you will know exactly when the parcel will be delivered to you.

  • Quality and guarantee

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    • How good is the quality of the canvas prints?

      We aim for top quality! You should not expect anything less from us. Despite our low prices, we dare to say that we deliver the best quality possible. We work with the most modern and colour-correct printing technology available. Our inks are UV-resistant and do not fade. The frame is made from durable thick wood which prevents the canvas from bending. Behind the canvas material, we mount a sheet of cardboard to add firmness. This also prevents the canvas material from becoming see-through.

    • How good is the quality of HD Metal?

      We aim for top quality! You should not expect anything less from us. Despite our low prices, we dare to say that we deliver the best quality possible. HD Metal consists of a thin aluminium plate where the photo is applied to. The print quality is phenomenal! It is very detailed and so much more vibrant than Dibond or other aluminium prints. HD Metal is more glossy and is less vulnerable than acrylic prints.

    • How good is the quality of posters?

      We aim for top quality! You should not expect anything less from us. Despite our low prices, we dare to say that we deliver the best quality possible.

    • How good is the quality of the photos on wood?

      We always aim at the highest possible quality! You should not expect less from us. Even though we offer such low prices, we dare to claim that we deliver the best service and quality in our branch of trade! The wooden slats are 14 mm thick and are made of whitewashed pinewood from sustainable sources. For your photo on wood we use the latest printing technology and thus, the inks are water- and scratch-resistant. The grain of the wood is visible through your photo and this adds to the natural and rustic charm!

    • How good is the quality of the framed prints?

      We aim for top quality! You should not expect anything less from us. Despite our low prices, we dare to say that we deliver the best quality available on the market. Our photo frames are made with sturdy synthetic material, the passepartout are large and acid-free, your photo is printed on professional photo paper.

    • How long does the guarantee last?

      We have an extensive guarantee. We have a complete "money back guarantee". Now you might think: I hear this all the time, but what does this really mean? It means that if there is anything wrong with the product, we will remake it for you or directly refund your payment. We also give a 10 year guarantee on our products, and on top of that a 75 year colour guarantee. Our goal is to make you extremely happy with your print and that it will be on your wall for years to come.

    • Do you care about the environment?

      We do our best to avoid harming the environment during our operations. We use water-based inks that do not contain chemical components. We try to reuse packaging and use various energy-saving solutions.