We received a telephone call from Melanie from London. Melanie was having a small panic attack. She had organized a farewell drink the day after her call for her friend Tim, who went to work in Texas for 2 years. She was looking for an original gift and thought of a small photo on canvas, one that Tim could take with him to Texas, of them together would be perfect. The only problem was that she needed the gift that next day. Obviously this was no problem for us. We made the canvas print immediately and made sure that the gift was delivered with our express service the day after.

11 months later, we received the following lovely note:

"Dear Margaret, (Customer service team member)

Some time ago you helped me out big time with a present for my friend Tim. You made sure the print was delivered only one day after ordering in London because of a farewell drink. Remember? It was a canvas print of 40 x 40 cm that he could take with him to Texas. Tim and I were just good friends. The next 3 months he looked at the picture on canvas and slowly but surely he found out that he had real feelings for me and I for him! After these 3 months he decided to come back to the UK for me and 2 months later we moved in together. When I asked him recently how he developed deeper feelings for me, he said that this was because of the canvas that I had given him. He looked at it every single day! I thought of how well you helped me and I wanted to share this funny fact with you!

So thank you again! Without you we would not be together now. Hahahaha.

Big kiss,

Melanie en Tim"

Friends photo on canvas
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