Interview with wedding photographer Robert Smith

Wedding photographer Robert Smith

Robert Smith (34) started out as a hobby photographer but made a career out of it. Don't we all want this? It all started with a simple question from a close friend: "Hey Robert, I am out of budget but I need a photographer for my wedding. You have this fancy camera, right?". After this first "job" cheerful Robert made this career as a well known wedding photographer. He has been a very loyal customer of HelloCanvas for years and has experienced the development of our company from the early days. Time for a chat!

Robert, first of all thank you for meeting with us. We would like to talk about your work as a photographer and why you became such a good customer for HelloCanvas in recent years.

"That is a small effort: I've always thought of you as a great supplier who really understands what I, as a photographer, expect and need from a photo product company. I'd love to tell about my experiences with HelloCanvas."

How did you find us and was your first ordered product a photo on canvas?

"In 2006 I first saw one of your canvas prints at my cousins home. Photo on canvas prints were not really known than but I was completely sold for two reasons: I could offer my customers something new and the quality was amazing! The print-quality, the colours but also the nostalgic appearance of the canvas. It all fitted perfectly with my wedding assignments. I called your company and had a very pleasant conversation with one of your employees. She welcomed me to the HelloCanvas family and I immediately placed my first order: a canvas photo print of my first assignment as a professional wedding photographer! I could not wait for the product to arrive so I believe I called you guys 4 times to check if everything would be ok. The photo on canvas arrived safely and exceeded all my expectations. Man, I was completely over the moon with it and so happy. Silly right?"

β€œThe quality! That's the real reason why I am a customer of HelloCanvas”

Not silly at all Robert. We sell an emotional product that does something with people. What happened after the first delivery?

"I started to get more and more wedding assignments and started to order more and more canvas prints with your company. Lots of regular orders but sometimes I needed them more urgently. This has never been a problem for you guys. You always helped me out and nothing was too much. But the quality! That's the real reason why I am a customer of HelloCanvas. I am trying my best to capture that one shot, the image that the couple will cherish forever in memory of their special day. That shot needs to be printed perfectly and HelloCanvas does this like no other, it's as easy as that. You now offer several other photo products that I offer to my customers. I recently bought a CusttomLamp for the bridesmaids of my last wedding customer but I am particularly enthusiastic about HD metal. HD Metal is a sensational product that really shows my customers what I can do as photographer."

HD metal is indeed a very special product. Robert, what do you find most important in your work as a photographer?

"I find it particularly important in my work to hear what my customers think is important and how they want me to capture the most beautiful day of their lives. Some customers really want a series of portraits and authentic wedding photographs, while others want me to be very casual in recording their wedding with spontaneous photos. So it is important to know in advance what the purpose of the photo is. I can not afford to ignore the customer's wishes and push through my own ideas. Having said that I obviously have my own style, but that's the whole reason why my customers choose me for their wedding photos."

Bridal bouquet Wedding photo photo of a wedding

What is your advice, as a photographer, for our customers and semi professional photographers?

"Well, I always tell people to just have fun. Experiment and do not get fooled by expensive equipment or technology. If you like your photo, for whatever reason, then the photo is perfect. It is really that simple."

Which new products would you like to see from us in the near future?

"Ah, that's a difficult question. You know I love HD Metal prints but canvas prints will always have an important place in my product offering to customers. Partly because they are so nostalgic. I'd like to be able to order larger sizes. I am sure my customers would love this on their walls!"

We will certainly look into this and we might offer this soon. Thank you so much for your time. We hope you stay a customer for long period. We think you are an awesome guy ;)

"You bet! HelloCanvas is the best photo on canvas supplier in the UK. If I need to order a canvas print, there is only one company that I trust. And you are awesome also. Hahahah"

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