Canvas prints for outdoor use

We often get the question: "Are your photos on canvas suitable for outdoor use?"  Yes, our canvases are suitable for outdoor use but only if you can put the canvas print under a small roof where it is dry. They are not suitable to be put outside in the rain though.

The canvas material we use is waterproof and can withstand moisture and rain. The inks and colours will therefore not be affected and do not run out. The wooden frame, on the other hand, is a natural product that can be influenced if it gets wet or damp. This can cause the frame to warp. If you want to hang it outside in the open air, you can do so but only for a short time.

Our product HD Metal is very suitable for outdoor use. The advantage of HD metal is that it is a aluminium plate and the print quality is never influenced by rain or sun. The surface is very strong and scratch resistant. The firm aluminium plate does not weaken as happens to many outdoor prints over time. HD metal is also very easy to clean with a standard cleaning agent or simply the garden hose on it :-) Because of the deep and brilliant colour reproduction, HD metal is a real eye-catcher in every garden!

So, in short:

Photos on canvas - only under a small roof, on a porch or in a garden room.
HD Metal - excellent for outdoor use.

HD Metal placed outdoor
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