Complaints about photos on canvas

Complaints unfortunately occur, also with us. That is obviously very bad but we always solve it quickly and correctly. Preventing is better than curing so we have put the common complaints side by side in the hope that we can prevent them. We also like to explain how you should deal with certain complaints so that we can repair and resolve them as quickly as possible.

My canvas is printed too dark

We print the photo as it is. We try to do this, with the most modern techniques as best as we can. If the original photo is dark, then we will print it dark also. Our experience tells us that this is always more striking in the end result than on the screen. It is therefore important to properly judge your own photo before ordering if it is not too dark. If you want, we can make the photo lighter for you. No problem at all! You can always contact us for this.

My canvas is blurry

You often see the photo you are ordering in a small way on your screen or telephone. The photo seems to be sharp then. In reality and therefore also in the end result as a canvas, the canvas print suddenly turns out to be blurry. We therefore advice you to take a good look at the photo before ordering. Pay close attention to details such as eyes and faces. If they are out of focus, we recommend using a different and sharper photo. Read more on sending us a bigger and better photo.

My package arrived damaged

Damages during transport and delivery of your print are always very annoying. We deliver a fragile product and despite our specially designed and sturdy packaging, sometimes damages occur. You never have to go into a discussion with the delivery driver or company. Contact us via phone or email and we will solve this immediately. We will deliver a new damage free product to you in record time. Most of the time the next working day.

Complaint handling

Do you have one of the above complaints or another complaint? Let us know and we will solve this quickly and correctly for you. Complaints sometimes occur but we will always offer you a solution. You can expect that from us!

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